She was born in Latiano (BR) Italy in 1957, since 2001 she lives and paints in Pisa.


Sensitive self-taught woman of great temperament, she paints since was young and her love for the painting is expressed in landscapes proposed with clear technique skill. The painter’s artistic interest is in the nature and in its many charming expressions. Genni has reflected and studied the landscape and the magic of the light which is own of her works, light which seems to care her canvas infusing much harmony and dignity.


After several approach experiences to the painting, she finds out the eclectic technique of the "spatula" so much to fall in love with it and it became the only prerogative in the realization of her works. Her paintings, appreciated by the criticism and the audience, are so marked by the incisive style of the “spatula”. Most of the paintings are oils on canvas, without omitting new experiments and innovation, special mention to new pictorial search of oils on wood. Artist's characteristic, furthermore much appreciated by the criticism, is the realization of monochromatic works with only the two basic colours, black and white, technique not practised for the clear executive difficulty.