Personal Show paintings and Acknowledgments

Her works are stationed in numerous private collections in Italy and abroad, (United States, Argentine, England, Holland, Germany). Works, fruit of a deep search and of a remarkable chromatic sensibility, are showed in many personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and in the European Community during these years

1969"Contest of Painting" City of S. Giorgio Ionico (T A) - Gold Medal;
1977"Gran Premio Primavera" City of Foggia - Silver Medal;
1988“Festival of the Agriturismo” City of Ostuni (BR) - 1° Prize;
Jan 1991Personal at the Cultural Centre Gallery “MEDITERRANEAN” City of Brindisi;
“Show Market of Figurative Arts" ROME - Silver Plate;
17^ Edition “International Prize of Painting City of Brindisi”- Special Plate;
"Show Market of Figurative Arts - The Ancients with the youngs” City of Todi - Town Building and Borromeo Building of Pienza;
199318^ Edition “International Galà of Painting City of Brindisi" - 3° Prize;
May 1993Personal “The colours of the fantasy” to the “Latin” Gallery of Rome;
Mar 1994Personal “The colours of the fantasy” to the Cultural Centre “Hesperia” in Latiano (BR);
Aug 1994Personal “The colours of the fantasy… dedicated to a beloved friend” in the Building Tanzarella of Ostuni (BR);
Jan 199619^ Edition “International Prize of Painting City of Brindisi” - 3° Prize;
Oct 1996"Silver Frame 1996" at the Cultural Centre Gallery “MEDITERRANEAN” of Brindisi - Special Mention;
Jun 19978^ Edition International Prize" The Crusaders of the Art" City of Brindisi;
1^ Edition “Artist and Space” at the Gallery “l’Arnaccio e le Volte” City of Modugno (BA) – Special Mention for the landscape reinterpretation;
Aug 1998XX^ Edition “International Prize of Painting City of Brindisi”;
Dec 1998Personal “The colours of the fantasy” to the Frisbee Club at the NATO AIRBASE of Geilenkirchen - Germany;
Jun 2001Personal “The colours of the fantasy”/“Die Farben der Fantasie” in the Dresdner Bank of Geilenkirchen - Germany “Geilenkirchen meet the Europe: 2001 Italy”;
Apr 2008Personal “The colours of the fantasy” at the “Galleria del Gatto Mammone” beside “My Hotels” Galilei in Pisa.
…Nowadays she’s working in Pisa.