Publicists and art critics

Many art critics, estimate journalists and publicists wrote her esteems and plauso, we love to remind:

Prof. Domenico GATTI – (art critic)
Standing in front of her pictures, shortly after few minutes, you feel the sensation to stay in front of a particular art, which emanates a striking glamour that wraps in a gorgeous atmosphere. A fantastic witchcraft which changes and transports in the mysterious world of the chorister of a confidential nature but not common, ideal but not idealistic, utopica but not abstract. The world that Genni explores with her careful surveying it’s the intentional one and wished by her young aspiration to the beautiful one, a beautiful however that it is not confined in the mysterious areas of the sign but that it exists in the little things which are under our eyes, often diverted by the existing problematic daily. Trees which stretch its branches to touch lightly the water of a blue brook, or a lawn of emerald, a multicoloured court, delicately touched lightly by the wind, are experiences which invite to serene and luminous thoughts in a striking involvement which is the true joy of the spirit, in a word: poetry.

Prof. Avv. Antonio GUERRIERI – (art critic and publicist)
Of sensitive and delicate mind, Genni Guarini reaches in her works expressive lyricism tones as the formal structure of her pictures is reduced to the plan and the articulation space is always entrusted to the colour, first vanished in shade of grey and brown lights marked with white areas than she arrives to the formal essence of the subject. The series of landscapes painted by Genni, with the study of the glares lights water, represents without doubt the meaningful realisations of the painter’s relationship with the nature.

Luigi PIRROTTI – ( President of A.N.L.A)
Genni Guarini creates her pictures not forgetting that painting does not consist only on formal values but fusion of expressions of moral values of contents and form. She is a "nowadays" painter, she loves the nature and she tries to pull up the secret with sensitive mind of artist and great personality, clearly highlighting. Her poetic note always alive and various, never deflecting from the beginning of her style coherence. Guarini has taken part in the Market Shows Of Figurative Arts, realized by A.N.L.A., obtaining a huge success of critic and audience, to the Exposure at the Todi’s Palace and the Pienza’s Borromeo Palace. To emphasize the ANLA Market Shows Of Figurative Arts is fruit of a very severe chaired selection made by the President of The International University of The Art of Florence - Umberto Baldini and by the Director of The Academy of The Beautiful Brera Arts - prof. Fernando De Filippo.

Giuseppe ORLANDO – (journalist and publicist)
Anyone standing to admire Genni Guarini’s painting can realize and discover the attractive it provokes and the serenity that characterizes it. In fact, Genni’s painting seduces the "fantastic nature", the colours and the quietness it infuses. Works of this young self-taught woman (according also with the topical ecological movements), invite to the reflection moved by the wish to communicate love and quiet. A particular vision of the "nature" is noticed in the happy mixture of the forms and intensity of colours, ordered by spontaneous spatulas. Rich landscapes of flowers, plants, trees which turn out to be the subjects preferred by the artist, that searches only in the nature and identifies the mystery of the life. It can be supposed, that Genni finds in the painting, the same balance and joy that the visitor tries looking at her works.

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Is in the nature and its many charming expressions the artistic interest of Genni Guarini. The great amount of fields, flowers, colours in her production, is certainly born from fantastic images of her subconscious. Dreams put on the canvas, with clear technical skill communicated to everybody; the wish of meetings and artistry comparison to artistically grow up of Genni Guarini is huge. Self-taught, sensitive artist of great temperament, she has learned by others, but while others copy, Genni thought and studied the landscape and the magic of the light which is own of her works. Light which seems to caress the canvas infusing to them much harmony and dignity.

Giovanni AMODIO – (writer, poet, publicist and art critic)
Outline with spatula, with tiny and refined conquests of the visual field, the canvas which becomes flat, support and window of her enchanted riappropriation of the nature, becomes for Genni Guarini impressionistic operation, as much as impressing chromatic narration, emotional canvas of her own earth. Not caught of oleographic reproductions of a tourist postcard, but great book of the nature to give back from abstract and concrete, to the reverberating scansion of the vegetation that feed itself of “the coulors of the fantasy”, as had defined her canvas, the pygmalion and friend Giuseppe Orlando. Characteristic of Genni Guarini’s painting, in the total vastness and the chromatic diversity remains to agglutinate the vision to focal points, which make it homogeneous, so offering it as a corroborating element of enchantment that the colour suggests. The artist searches and explores the nature in its most mysterious recesses, in order to condense it as internal representation, expression of the soul, more than the reality. Contemplation, evocation, memory are parameters that suggest to Genni Guarini her personal adhesion to landscape as unitary theme, to develope in its thousand implications. Every speech about the nature implies a reason for spiritual ecology, but Genni Guarini aims at a safeguard hypothesis of the created in the aesthetic form, obedient to the laws of the artistic expressiveness, the own total adhesion to the sedution of her habitat. Many tessellated variations decorate with arabesques the pictorial canvas of Genni Guarini prodution, weaver of vibrating chromatic approaches, that the easy spatula embroiders and weaves, up to the conquest of the light, in a kind of new Divisionism, not more entrusted to the “pointsm“ of the historical avant-gardes, but overlaps, often monochromatic hips, which define the surface and establish the riverbed and the magic visuals.

Lina RICCOBENE – (poet)
Under the painting skin, like in a thin epithelium, you foresee nervous ganglions, filaments of the arteries, the organic woven with fermenting of the glimpsed cells. The artistic cells of Genni Guarini approach few centimetres from the surface of the wonders, the nature like emblem of the wonders. The barrier of the material, comes crossed, up to find out hidden layers, gorges, cracks, mysterious tunnels, that are expanded becoming light ribbings. In the "colours", in the nature every things becomes larval mark, indistinct sign of a psychical vitalism which presses below trying to go out of the rind of the senses. Guarini’s painting has suggestion persuasive pleasantness, especially in the transparencies of the colour, but it is beyond you can picked the most authentic juices. “Flowers” melt themselves make a sensibility that it is exactly as an organic-cellular: an emerging of internal connotations which becomes radiography of her mind state, her secret instincts, feelings remained to the enigmatic state. However the painting always born from below (intense greens, incisive brown, brooms’ yellow, dunes and sunny fields of grain): wounds inflicted to the organic woven in order to reveal the introspection. Is the glance of the artist who saves everyone, preserves, concurs to see things never seen without lose the sight. The nature and the history with the "colours of the fantasy", seem written here with the same language. There is like an epiphany of the event from which Gods are detached of the form: vegetables divinity (or however natural) to touch lightly the sweet and the tremendous one. A breath would be enough so that the nature, deposited for millenniums, begins to whirl in order to open to unknown things. And the time inside it, is dilated and it is shrunk to the infinite.